Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The quest for food. The Burger Liberators.

A few days back I watched Harold and Kumar goes to white castle. That really brought back memories as I remember a time when white castle was available in Malaysia. I can't exactly remember how a slyder tastes like but yeah, I still remember the ad. Well, after watching the movie I felt the sudden urge to stuff a burger in my mouth so I dragged my two of my best friends along to Burger King - I was fucking sick of McDonalds.

Ever since that fateful night with the double mushroom burger, we have vowed to go on a quest in search of the best fast food in Malaysia. We've also decided to call ourselves The Burger Liberators and so far we have sampled the burgers from A&W, Burger King and McDonalds and pitted their best burgers to a fight till death!

McDonalds (Leisure Mall, Cheras) - BigMac
Beef patty was too thin and flavorless. Cheese tastes dry and rubbery. Vegetables fall all over the place and it was kinda hard to put them in your mouth (maybe we had small mouths). Same old fries nothing special. It was not that bad except for the stingy servings and plasticky fries. We gave it a 6/10.

Burger King (Sri Hartamas) - Whooper
Generously thick beef patties and thick creamy cheese came with it. Lots of mayo also gave it a really satisfying bite (with sauces squirting in all directions). Bread was a little too fluffy to our liking though. Great servings and lots of sauce! We gave it a 8/10 as having free refills is absolutely killer!

A&W (Amcorp Mall, PJ) - Mozza Burger
Similar servings to Burger King except that it was served cold during our liberation. We've decided to give it another try on another day. Lots of pickles and they even put in slices of crunchy jerky. Healthy amounts of juicy lettuce and lots of Mayo. We gave it a 8/10 because it was served a little cold.

Next stop: Carl's Juniors (Midvalley, KL). At the next stop we will include pictures. This is such a crap post HAHAHAHA

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