Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The quest for food. The Burger Liberators.

A few days back I watched Harold and Kumar goes to white castle. That really brought back memories as I remember a time when white castle was available in Malaysia. I can't exactly remember how a slyder tastes like but yeah, I still remember the ad. Well, after watching the movie I felt the sudden urge to stuff a burger in my mouth so I dragged my two of my best friends along to Burger King - I was fucking sick of McDonalds.

Ever since that fateful night with the double mushroom burger, we have vowed to go on a quest in search of the best fast food in Malaysia. We've also decided to call ourselves The Burger Liberators and so far we have sampled the burgers from A&W, Burger King and McDonalds and pitted their best burgers to a fight till death!

McDonalds (Leisure Mall, Cheras) - BigMac
Beef patty was too thin and flavorless. Cheese tastes dry and rubbery. Vegetables fall all over the place and it was kinda hard to put them in your mouth (maybe we had small mouths). Same old fries nothing special. It was not that bad except for the stingy servings and plasticky fries. We gave it a 6/10.

Burger King (Sri Hartamas) - Whooper
Generously thick beef patties and thick creamy cheese came with it. Lots of mayo also gave it a really satisfying bite (with sauces squirting in all directions). Bread was a little too fluffy to our liking though. Great servings and lots of sauce! We gave it a 8/10 as having free refills is absolutely killer!

A&W (Amcorp Mall, PJ) - Mozza Burger
Similar servings to Burger King except that it was served cold during our liberation. We've decided to give it another try on another day. Lots of pickles and they even put in slices of crunchy jerky. Healthy amounts of juicy lettuce and lots of Mayo. We gave it a 8/10 because it was served a little cold.

Next stop: Carl's Juniors (Midvalley, KL). At the next stop we will include pictures. This is such a crap post HAHAHAHA

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Tonight was a particularly happy night for me as the whole advisory pool was treated to italian food at 'Italianese' in the gardens, mid valley city. Food was great, I should've took some pictures of the carbonara, or maybe the giant green mussels - excellento! Anyway, they had some games after the food and somehow I got betrayed by the people and got dragged out as one of the participants. The game was to use every thing that you had on you to create the longest line in one minute and then keeping all of them back in another minute. Well, I won and they gave me a RM50 (equivalent to 15 USD) cash voucher. The bummer was...I FUCKING left it at the restaurant! ARGH.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wishlist 14.05.2008

Actually, I've always dreamed about having something that is nigh impossible from time to time. So I've decided to compile an up-to-date wishlist for everyone to share. Who knows? Someone out there just might have that extra money to give...and make an idiot like me happy.

Wishlist 2008

1. Time
We only have one shot at life. Just. One. Shot. No inserting coins and hitting the continue button to have another go. I really wished I had more time so I could do the things that I really enjoy doing. 24 hours a day just isn't enough. Crap.

2. X2 My salary
That'll really help a lot in creating that stock-market provision fund that was never really created (lol). As with all the other provisions that I had planned to provide. ie: gaming rig provision, road tax provision etc.

3. The dark powers from the deep and fiery pits of hell
The one thing that I really wish for is that wildfire that engulfs me from within when I'm set on achieving something. I think the fire has somehow...shall we say eluded me. I remember going from zero to hero back in highschool when I really liked this girl and decided to prove myself academically. Man, I really kicked ass and life was so much more colorful when you have something to fight and strive for. It's getting a tad bit boring now and I want it back! I know that fire is still around...waiting to be unleashed once more in this cruel and unsuspecting world. *evil laugh*

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The beast is BACK! Along with a nostalgic flavour.

A while back I sent my 360 for repairs. Finally, after 2 months I received a call from the shop telling me that it was ready for collection. This is a shot of the 360 placed on its rightful throne (my computer table). What you see on my screen is a intro video of Condemned 2: Bloodshot - an absolutely brutal first person shooter game where you play as Thomas Ethan, the main character who successfully solved the murders of the first game (Condemned: Criminal Origins) but later found out towards the end of the game that it was not really solved - can't really tell how the poor bugger felt when that happened . Must have been a total bummer. Anyway, he reappears in the sequel as a burned out version of his former self. Most probably kicking himself in the balls too much for the mistakes he did in the first game. But guess what? The bad guy is back! More murders! And this time Mr. Bad Guy gives him more clues as to why he kills people. Eer..I don't really know what happens next because I have not finished the game yet. Undoubtedly one of the most disturbing titles for the Xbox 360. No fucking regrets, Ha! A small sideline - if you noticed, my gear is mostly black with blue lights...the Xbox 360 somehow looks 'sesat' with its white enclosure and green light. Nevertheless, I think I love it more than jacking off. If only it was not soooo problem ridden.

While I was waiting for my 360 in the shop, I stumbled upon this rare gem. Come on, who does n't remember Icewind Dale? The best part was, it only cost RM 49. Without second thoughts, I immediately snatched it off the shelf. Ah... installing game really made me recall those times when games like Xcom: Apocalypse, Quest for Glory, Earthsiege and Doom were hot. But it mostly reminded me of Fallout and Fallout 2. Obviously, it was the intro credits. Fuck, where can I get Fallout boxed sets? Really miss Arroyo, Sulik, Mutants and the Power Armor. But hey, I bet nobody could've forgotten about the infamous 'EEERRRAAAAGGHHH' when you shoot someone in point blank range with a minigun. Damn! :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The meaning of life.

Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you the meaning of life! Hellboy!!!! A while back I was always thinking of collecting the whole lot of Mike Mignola's stuff (the fucker's a genius by the way) and these 4 graphic novels kickstarted it. Anyway, today's blog isn't really about hellboy although I love HB down to the deepest darkest reaches of my soul. I just felt like bragging HAHAHA. The real discussion begins here: Drink to get drunk or to enjoy? I just came back from a birthday party and the birthday boy got so wasted he couldn't walk straight let alone think straight. He was harassing all the girls and caused quite a ruckus. A few of the guys actually had to restrain him and needless to say, we sent the girls back. Now tell me, is it worth getting drunk just for the sake of 'having a good time'? Take heed that only YOU are having a good time but not the others. I got really ticked off myself and left. AND I PAID FOR THE DAMN VIP ROOM! There is no way in hell that I was going to babysit a fully grown drunk adult. Anyway, that'll be the last time I'm going to join a party like that even if it costs me my bear gang membership. What is this bear gang? I'll get to that when I'm not that sleepy. Goodnight! Just wanted to let some air out.