Monday, June 30, 2008

PS3 babeh~!!

Finally, the long wait is over. After 2 agonizing years with the 3 red rings of death, this is the moment of truth. Playstation 3! *jumping around laughing hysterically* *clears throat* This here is a picture of the box prior to unwrapping. Unlike the Xbox 360, the PS3 is huge thanks to its big fans and heatsinks (something that the 360 lacks horribly). Although I've just become a proud owner of a PS3, I've yet to see how reliable it really is. Been through many and I mean MANY forums and reviews and the only problem this baby here has are the lens (as with any Sony product). Hopefully, the Playstation 3 will live up to its predecessors by being the longest serving and most reliable console in the market.
My new wife in all her 'boxless' glory. Amazingly, the PS3 is really well built. Regardless, I wouldn't throw her across my room for no reason. After plugging her into my crappy non-HD telly I wasted no time to play Racedriver: GRID. To my surprise, the images looked so much sharper than my Xbox 360. Colors were more profound and loading was quicker (I may be biased here..HAHAH). And of course, unlike the Xbox 360 which will produce a hideous whirring sound whenever you play it, the PS3 produces an almost sonic hum - sweetness. Anyway, time to go play again...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ass Bun and New Clothes.

Last saturday was my aunt's birthday and we were all treated to a nice dinner in a chinese restaurant. Food was great except for the obnoxious waitress whom I swear she only knows two words in the english language: 1. excuse 2. me. Anyway, towards the end of the dinner came dessert. To my horror, we were served with mini baboon asses. Just kidding, they are buns filled with 'kaya' but shaped to look like a peach. I believe it carries the meaning of longevity and good health. Oh yeah, it actually came with a 'tail' but I bit it off before snapping the picture. While taking the picture, I couldn't help but notice the bun was somehow 'sweating' under the dim restaurant lamps, giving it a sexy silhouette. To my left, my younger cousin's body was shaking uncontrollably from extreme laughter.
It's been almost a week since I last saw my tarantula and I was wondering if it died. Armed with my tweezers and a steel chopstick I dug the substrate and found an exoskeleton. The little fucker molted! It's now twice the size from when I first got him/her (at this moment, it is still androgeneous). Now the little spider is crawling around happily in his new outfit.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


You know when sometimes you are set on getting something but in the end it does not turn out the way you want it to be? The feeling sucks eh? Anyway, this was what happened to me a while back when I was playing Lego: Star Wars on my Xbox 360, it crapped out yet again - the infamous 3 red lights of death. I had just spent around RM500 to get it fixed the last time and it was barely a month ago. Needless to say, I rushed it to the shop that repaired it. It was on the way home when I thought maybe I should get a PS3. Armed with all the information I could gather from the numerous forums I was set on getting a PS3 if my Xbox 360 was beyond repair (honestly, I was praying for that - i needed a reason to cough out RM2,000.00). A little over a week later, the technician called me and told me that the 360 was fine, it had just needed a firmware update.

... Now what do I do? Fuck it, I'm getting it anyway.