Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ass Bun and New Clothes.

Last saturday was my aunt's birthday and we were all treated to a nice dinner in a chinese restaurant. Food was great except for the obnoxious waitress whom I swear she only knows two words in the english language: 1. excuse 2. me. Anyway, towards the end of the dinner came dessert. To my horror, we were served with mini baboon asses. Just kidding, they are buns filled with 'kaya' but shaped to look like a peach. I believe it carries the meaning of longevity and good health. Oh yeah, it actually came with a 'tail' but I bit it off before snapping the picture. While taking the picture, I couldn't help but notice the bun was somehow 'sweating' under the dim restaurant lamps, giving it a sexy silhouette. To my left, my younger cousin's body was shaking uncontrollably from extreme laughter.
It's been almost a week since I last saw my tarantula and I was wondering if it died. Armed with my tweezers and a steel chopstick I dug the substrate and found an exoskeleton. The little fucker molted! It's now twice the size from when I first got him/her (at this moment, it is still androgeneous). Now the little spider is crawling around happily in his new outfit.

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