Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bali 2008 post #2

Streets of Kuta City, Bali, Indonesia. Looks awfully similar to our own Bintang Walk in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Another shot of Kuta City some 600 metres away from the first shot. The Bali bombing monument is that white thingie in the background. Note: All their taxis are Toyota Vioses!
A 'DOH~' moment. Very true though, the whole of Bali seem to be crawling with tourists. The only locals seen around the area are the people that work there.

Bali 2008 post #1

Being the village boy that I am - correction - that I was, this first trip outside of the country was really exciting for me. After planning for 2 months, I decided to head to Bali, Indonesia. It was a satisfying 5 days 4 nights visit - made even more satisfying because I had the company of my beloved princess. Yes guys, I am attached now and I think I'm the happiest man in the world right now but that a different story altogether. Here are some of the beautiful shots taken during our stay with a cheap-ass lumix semi professional camera along with some brief explanations:-
A shot of the carvings found at the uluwatu hindu temple entrance. Was trying to make the shot as artsy as humanly possible.

A shot of the 'pagodas' scattered all around the kelasdaton hindu temple.