Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wishlist 14.05.2008

Actually, I've always dreamed about having something that is nigh impossible from time to time. So I've decided to compile an up-to-date wishlist for everyone to share. Who knows? Someone out there just might have that extra money to give...and make an idiot like me happy.

Wishlist 2008

1. Time
We only have one shot at life. Just. One. Shot. No inserting coins and hitting the continue button to have another go. I really wished I had more time so I could do the things that I really enjoy doing. 24 hours a day just isn't enough. Crap.

2. X2 My salary
That'll really help a lot in creating that stock-market provision fund that was never really created (lol). As with all the other provisions that I had planned to provide. ie: gaming rig provision, road tax provision etc.

3. The dark powers from the deep and fiery pits of hell
The one thing that I really wish for is that wildfire that engulfs me from within when I'm set on achieving something. I think the fire has somehow...shall we say eluded me. I remember going from zero to hero back in highschool when I really liked this girl and decided to prove myself academically. Man, I really kicked ass and life was so much more colorful when you have something to fight and strive for. It's getting a tad bit boring now and I want it back! I know that fire is still around...waiting to be unleashed once more in this cruel and unsuspecting world. *evil laugh*

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