Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The beast is BACK! Along with a nostalgic flavour.

A while back I sent my 360 for repairs. Finally, after 2 months I received a call from the shop telling me that it was ready for collection. This is a shot of the 360 placed on its rightful throne (my computer table). What you see on my screen is a intro video of Condemned 2: Bloodshot - an absolutely brutal first person shooter game where you play as Thomas Ethan, the main character who successfully solved the murders of the first game (Condemned: Criminal Origins) but later found out towards the end of the game that it was not really solved - can't really tell how the poor bugger felt when that happened . Must have been a total bummer. Anyway, he reappears in the sequel as a burned out version of his former self. Most probably kicking himself in the balls too much for the mistakes he did in the first game. But guess what? The bad guy is back! More murders! And this time Mr. Bad Guy gives him more clues as to why he kills people. Eer..I don't really know what happens next because I have not finished the game yet. Undoubtedly one of the most disturbing titles for the Xbox 360. No fucking regrets, Ha! A small sideline - if you noticed, my gear is mostly black with blue lights...the Xbox 360 somehow looks 'sesat' with its white enclosure and green light. Nevertheless, I think I love it more than jacking off. If only it was not soooo problem ridden.

While I was waiting for my 360 in the shop, I stumbled upon this rare gem. Come on, who does n't remember Icewind Dale? The best part was, it only cost RM 49. Without second thoughts, I immediately snatched it off the shelf. Ah... installing game really made me recall those times when games like Xcom: Apocalypse, Quest for Glory, Earthsiege and Doom were hot. But it mostly reminded me of Fallout and Fallout 2. Obviously, it was the intro credits. Fuck, where can I get Fallout boxed sets? Really miss Arroyo, Sulik, Mutants and the Power Armor. But hey, I bet nobody could've forgotten about the infamous 'EEERRRAAAAGGHHH' when you shoot someone in point blank range with a minigun. Damn! :)

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