Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Hello blog. After creating you, I've not had the time to write anything or maybe throw a hello. Well, I'm uber bored right now waiting for WH40K: Soulstorm to finish installing so I've decided to write about something. I spent around 400 bucks today. Half of it went to a potential lemon - the Digitech Death Metal Stompbox. Frankly, it sounded exactly like how it was described on the box "turned the gain level to eleven and ripped the knob off". Mmm.. too much gain and way too fuzzy..what have I done? Will update on the progress of finding that elusive tone. Bah..this is crap.

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Ng said...

Rofl, perfect post name. Btw, going for surgery soon and sigh...getting very nervous and having trouble sleeping...=/