Friday, April 11, 2008

Lemon part II

it seems that I have grown addicted to blogging. wonder how long this will last. Anyway, an update on the lemon: apparently i 'scooped' the midrange frequencies when trying it last night. After applying a healthy dose of mid it seemed to have sounded better. Riffs are horrible but using it to solo is pretty nice. Can't wait to try the semi-lemon through a tube power amp.

To those that are reading this, I would presume that you must be dead bored level 99. But anyway, the other half of the 400 bucks found its way to Warhammer 40K: Soulstorm. Another lemon. Period. The darn thing wouldn't let me play as necrons in online multiplayer (a race in the game that you can choose to play - they look like black 'skinless' terminators). It seems that besides the 2 new races; namely the sisters of battle (ghey) and the dark eldars (even more ghey), you can only play as the other races when you get their corresponding expansion packs. I feel used. Anyway, enough for today i need to sleep bye

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Ng said...

I wouldn't call 3 posts as an addiction lol. Well, just a suggestion, include some pictars in ye blog!!! It'll be more interesting imho. =)