Saturday, April 26, 2008

the goal never changes, only the plan.

hello again! it has been a tough week, got really tied up with work and finally, the tasty weekend is here. You guys know how every time before you go to bed you would HAVE to do something as a closure for the day? Well, some people might not have to do it but I NEED to do it before I can get a good night's rest. Tonight, I've decided to write something on my blog. First off, lets start with the new friends i got at home. The Cobalt Blue Tarantula and the Imperial Scorpion that arrived were babies so I've decided not to upload any pictures of them for the time being. As you might have guessed, the babies can't really hunt food when their tummy alarm rings. They feel really vulnerable without their moms around as moms would normally carry their young around on their backs while hunting for food to feed them. So how would I feed them you may ask? I chop up mealworms to manageable sizes so that they can put them into their tiny mandibles. Which reminds me, I think some house lizard found the mealworm stash that I had carefully hid under a bookshelf and ate the whole lot of them - bastards! Anyway, they are healthy and active - the scorpion runs around a lot and the tarantula was seen busy digging a burrow. The picture you see on the left is my brother's venezuelan bottlebrush taratula (the same one that was in the picture I posted previously). It molted recently and as you can see, it's sporting a new outfit! Colors are more pronounced but the poor thing had a bad molt. One of its limbs was not pulled out properly during the molt and it resulted in a ugly looking stump. Don't worry though, it'll heal at the next molt! Can't wait for my pets to grow up.

I've also recently found out about the Warhammer 40k boardgame. Pictured here are some of the play pieces that you would use in a game. Think of it as chess with uber cool chess pieces and more rules. But it doesn't just stop there, your play pieces have to be assembled and painted on your own, allowing you to customize their colors and poses. You can even customize their weapons by getting separate bits. So some of your play pieces can be seen holding a minigun or a rocket launcher. There are two play pieces in the picture on the left (well, 9 actually but you get what i mean). They're both Chaos Space Marines but they're from different chapters of the race. Think of them as different regiments in the UK SAS. The one on the left are from the chapter: Plagued Ones - as evidently seen in the picture they are green and this particular guy grew a horn (that white bit on his head). The one on the left is a member of the Black Legion. I guess the color of his suit points that out hahah. Each chapter has their own special abilities but i think I'm not gonna go into detail tonight. Maybe when I own an army and understand more I might just write up something about them.

The picture you see here is a girl that I'm in love with. She used to be a guy. I'm serious! Her name is nong poy and she's one of the most beautiful transvestites in the world. Which brings me to this; if you fell in love with this girl this HOT and she suddenly tells you that she used to be a guy. What would you do? Personally, if it happened to me, I seriously wouldn't know what to do. Actually, this picture was circularized in my company's email by a female colleague. I couldn't believe that she used to be a guy (come on, she's fucking hot ok?) so I did some research over the internet and found out that it was true. She went through a sex change operation when she was 17 and voila, transformed into the girl of my dreams. Over the week, I did some deep reasoning and came up with a thinking that gender and sex are two different things. Gender is what you are underneath your body and sex is what you see from the outside. Meaning that even if she used to be a guy (only on the outside) and now even changed the outside to be coherent with what she is inside would it still be ok to love her? I'm seriously confused. But theres one thing that I know for sure. She is my new benchmark for a potential candidate and if there are any girls out there that don't look like her can fuck off. Serious.

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